07 Oct 2013 | season 4

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Day 7 – 21st Aug 2013 This morning was an early one yet again. We received a text this morning, with Lisa telling that it was challenge day yet again & today it seemed we are going to be “Dragon Boat” racing. I popped my gym gear on and headed down to the bus along with the other girls. The strange hint we got was to bring a change of smart casual attire hmm… An hour later the bus pulls up at a beach and there we see Davide standing there with his bulging muscles and a grin across his face. Yep it was certainly challenge day. We headed over to our grueling trainer and he introduced us to Brian from Blue Sky Sports Club who showed us what Dragonboat racing was and what techniques we had to learn today. It was slightly relieving to know we were only focusing on upper body strength today. Perhaps Davide was being nice to us? We had a practice on land before we headed out into the water to start rowing for real and perfect it with practice. It was actually really fun being out on the water, I felt a slight feeling […]

Day 6 – 19th Aug 2013 Also known as the gloomiest, scariest, unwelcoming day you could ever imagine. There was nothing to look forward to, and nothing to assure ourselves we could be safe as none of us were able to see each other’s performance and therefore no one to compare our walks to. One by one we strutted into the elimination room to the piercing eyes of our judges. Lisa introduces us to our judges, Ase Wang, Dominic Lau, and Kevin Oh. In the sequence of the fashion show line-up, one-by-one we were given feedback and showed our performance on the catwalk as well as out runway shot. By the time it came to me, I felt I didn’t feel as nervous as I thought I would in responding to the judges’ comments. My walk was good, each judge agreed, however I was not impressed with my shot and neither were the judges. Although they said they think it was unlucky as my walk was fine, it was still a bad shot. So while each girls’ shots were revealed, I began to feel more and more apprehensive about whether I was going to be safe this elimination. I held […]

Day 5 – 18th Aug 2013 You know those days where it starts our really exciting and promising, but then it completely flips 180 degrees and turns into one of your nightmares? Well that happened today. When we woke up this morning we found a note to tell us that our team B, Team Badass, had won a shopping spree at Zooq.com. Holla to free clothes and winning the challenge with Davide! I need new shoes!!! We then received a text that instructed us to turn our TV on as we had a message from Lisa. There pops up Lisa to invite us to a dressy party at the high class rooftop bar at SEVVA! PARTTYYY! Was ecstatic as the girls and I have been craving to go for an event, let our hair down and have a glass of bubbly to help us forget the last few days of stress we have been going through from the immediate intensity of the competition. “You have 1 hour to get ready.” says Lisa before she flashes off the screen. The girls and I scurry upstairs to get the curling irons fired up, while powders and hair spray began to filter into […]

Day 4 – 17th Aug 2013 OMMMMGGG! It’s opening titles filming day! Was looking forward to this so much! It was an early 6am call time again so on the way to this secret location, most of us napped in the bus. However, once we opened our eyes, we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere; with just long uncut grass, rusted timber houses and crushed cars sitting dead in their graves. Where the hell were we?!? The bus finally pulls up to a grungy, tin sheltered location which happened to be situated right next to a chicken slaughter house. We jumped into hair and make-up and a rocker theme look was apparent amongst the hair styles. I went second after Ying. I was relieved to have the severity of pinning on top reduced today so I can move around more on camera. Once we were on set with Kevin Ou, who was the director today, he pushed me to give variety, be dynamic with my poses and show all the edginess and strength in my eyes. It was a little difficult moving around as I kept having to pull the hem down in the back because of the shorts […]

Day 3 – 16th Aug 2013 Today was an exciting day!!! It was shooting for the promotional shots today and the girls and I couldn’t have anticipated this day more. We arrived at the stadium and were greeted by the Kim Robinson team who would be doing our hair. The look was edgy, chic, sexy and strong, which matched the outfits we were fitted in by Alvin, stylist extraordinaire, the other day. I loved, loved, loved my make-up and hair. It helped calm the nerves down at the thought of it being the first chance to see how each other did at shoots. By the time my name was called, I had already decided in my head that I would try to go for a sexy look for my shot with a hint of mystery. Kevin Ou was our photographer and he had the perfect personality to make us all comfortable. It was my turn and I jumped onto set. I felt like it took me a while to warm up as the top of my outfit, which had a puffy silhouette, had to be completely reshaped and pinned back which restricted my arm movements. Therefore, I could not be […]

Day 2 – 15th Aug 2013 Straight from the “airport” we are driven to a secret location. Damn these secrets! One more day in and I don’t think I can take any more super secrets!!! The bus began to ascend uphill, hooray, we were going uphill to Victoria Peak! Maybe Lisa would be up the top to meet us? Suddenly the bus came to a halt and we see the camera crew set up and some muscled guy with tattoos all over. He was on the ground doing effortless push-ups to his already ripped body. The word “trainer” printed on his tank top was pretty prominent, and suddenly I notice the whole bus has gone quiet… We step outside and walk with our luggage up the hill to his greeting. His name is Davide Trix from Circuit 25. He is to be out trainer for the next few weeks and he was pretty upfront about saying he was going to put us through hell for the next 12 weeks. Today we had to do prison lunges, crab crawls and ski jumps up the hill while split into 2 teams. It was a time trial. Black vs White. In my team, […]

Day 1 – 14 Aug 2013 It’s the day! It’s the day! It’s move into the model house day. It was a stampede of crazy, screaming girls running into a mansion, and this mansion is awesome! Couldn’t imagine a more beautiful model house, and just like that the thought of us making a mess of it jumped into my mind. We have an amazing wall of workout equipment by TechnoGym which I have already decided I would look awesome while using on the balcony. Making the dash upstairs, I see all the bunk beds are assigned to each girl. I was a bit disappointed I was in the smaller room and divided from the girls in the other room that I have instantly got along with. Especially with all the free space and the view they have! Yes, I’m jealous. But I guess this will really push me to get along with the other girls. Loving the free goodies we received from Starhub and the delicious t-shirt and bag from Kim Robinson. I hope we get to meet him! Best of all, we have a plastic guard dog. Haven’t named him yet! I’m thinking along the lines of Alfie or […]