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about-the-show1Taking the show beyond the shores of Singapore to the bustling city of Hong Kong, SUPERMODELME Femme Fatale promises not only cutting-edge tasks bound to push the models to their limits, but also the addition of a new flavour in scenery, and a plethora of new fashion and beauty collaborations to its lineup.

Keeping to its namesake, the SUPERMODELME Femme Fatale models will exemplify the iconic images of both sexy and strong. Viewers can look forward to the compelling message of Girl Power, coupled with the inspiring importance of independence and individualism. The models will be faced with extreme challenges that will require them to build resilience and beat the odds to win the career-launching grand prize; carving the path to their futures in the modelling industry.

Making a grand return to the season is the name SUPERMODELME fans know and love – Lisa S, once again lending to the show her wealth of experience in modelling and mentorship as host and resident judge.

Joining Lisa on the judging panel are E! Entertainment Asia’s Dominic Lau and model and actress Ase Wang, who will be returning to offer up advice and guidance to the models. Viewers will be given a treat in the form of new resident judge Kim Robinson, one of Asia’s most respected hairstylists, along with guest appearances from celebrated make-up artist Zing.
With its predominantly female audience and penchant for providing quality tailored programming, DIVA Universal comes onboard this season as the exclusive regional channel to broadcast SUPERMODELME.
With its new collaborations, electrifying drama, and fresh outlook on modelling, SUPERMODELME Femme Fatale is definitely the season not to be missed.



about-the-show2 Created by Refinery Media, SUPERMODELME is Asia’s first and only multi-platform, reality-based entertainment programme, available across TV, the Internet and on Mobile. Not your average modelling contest, SUPERMODELME promises to offer a sneak peek into the cutthroat antics behind the allure of the fashion industry.

This action-packed reality series features 12 aspiring Asian models going head-to-head through a series of physically and mentally grueling challenges – each vying for a chance to kick-start her modeling career. The SUPERMODELME winner will receive $35,000 along with attractive prizes from key sponsors, grace the covers of local leading fashion magazines as well as receive a contract from one of the leading international modelling agencies.

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The first season of SUPERMODELME pioneered the use of social media tools in support of its format in Asia. Initially a solely online programme,, Season 1 stretched over 20 episodes and was broadcasted online twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday. The Webisodes were 10–12 minutes long and accompanied by various fringe and Behind-The-Scenes videos. The Supermodelme.tv website also featured its own Social Media platform where insights and behind-the-scenes action and emotions were captured and showcased. Proven to be a success, Season 1 was eventually picked up by cable channel AXN, where it was aired in 27 countries.

SUPERMODELME Season 2 built on the programme’s debut success. The 30-minute format delved further into the larger-than-life intrigues of the modelling industry, capturing every moment from its backstage rivalries to its action-packed highs. Expanding beyond its web-based inception, Season 2 showcased a new mix of local and international shooting locations, greater brand integrations, and new viewer interactions.

Exclusive Hyperspot technology directed traffic on the programme’s web portal to partner sites for purchase information and retail conversion. In 2010, Refinery Media inked a partnership with popular location-based application Foursquare; the first in Asia to do so.

Expanding SUPERMODELME’s presence in the global media market, Refinery Media launched a creative collaboration with key Social Media company- YouTube, in September 2011.
Season 3

SUPERMODELME Season 3 launched with a bang, offering fans FAST & FURIOUS action-based entertainment. Pushing the contestants to their limits, the girls underwent tougher-than-ever challenges – braving the elements, getting into uncomfortable situations and confronting their own fears, all while maintaining the allure of a model. With international personality, Lisa S, as the new host and resident judge, Season 3 gave viewers an exhilarating experience.

Along with a new host, Season 3 featured fresh collaborations, greater integration, and more familiar international industry experts to judge and mentor the contestants throughout the challenging tasks. Special appearances by international celebrities such as Qi Qi, Dominic Lau, Ana Rivera, Ase Wang and Utt along with other well-known established stylists, photographers and makeup artists, were present throughout the season.

Season 5

Set against the backdrop of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, the explosive brand new season of SupermodelMe seeks to unearth the ultimate Siren- a dangerously beautiful, seductive woman of substance and power. 12 promising model hopefuls will embark on an exhilarating journey of a lifetime where they will be pushed to their limits in an adrenaline-charged season of tasks and cutting-edge photo challenges. When it comes to seeking out the best, the competition knows no boundaries and promises to be a true test of resilience and strength in a quest to unveil the ultimate SUPERMODELME Siren.