07 Oct 2013 | season 4

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Day 30 – 12th Sept 2013 Continuing with our theme of heights, today’s photo shoot was all about high fashion. I was really excited because I think fashion is one of my strengths. I’d love to go down that line (rather than just commercial). I woke up feeling really good because of previous day’s bungee jump, and I was feeling fine about posing on a platform on the roof of a sky scraper. I really liked my outfit, although it was definitely a case of fashion over comfort. It was super hot in the trousers and jacked and my 15cm stilettos were hard to even walk or stand in, let alone post in! Lisa, Kim and Earl weren’t able to give any of us much direction or feedback, to see what we could come up with on our own. That made it so much harder! I was struggling to even stand still and not fall over, it was so windy and my heels were so unstable. Lisa had to hold my ankle when we were waiting for safety! I think I gave some variety; it was pretty fun in spite of the difficult circumstances. I really hope I end up […]

Day 29 – 11th Sept 2013 Today was a truly memorable, momentous day. I bungee jumped – off the tallest commercial bungee jump in the world! I can’t believe I can even write that! This morning, we had to wake up at 5am and take a ferry from Hong Kong to Macau. I was so nervous all morning, because before I came on the competition, I heard that the world’s tallest commercial bungee jump is in Macau, so I suspected that this would be our task. Dom Lau met us again at the base of the famous Macau Tower and announced our task – confirming our wild suspicions! The tower looks really ridiculously tall standing at the base – I had to crane my neck to see all the way to the top! It was so intimidating to see how high up the platform we might be jumping from was. (I say ‘might’ because I was telling anyone that would listen, “no, no. I’m not doing it!”) Stepping out of the lift on the 61st floor, I was stunned by how high up we were. I could see the misty horizon, the long bridges with their tiny cars, the glittering […]

Day 28 – 10th Sept 2013 Today was our second full day off. It was great to relax. We watched The Hunger Games (which felt close to home…) and The Great Gatsby. Ready for a new week!

Day 26 – 9th Sept 2013 Today was great! We had a really exciting photoshoot lined up – it was a beauty shoot with an edge. We were “two-faced” – each side of us was completely different! My look was inspired by Marlene Dietrich and it was so punk! The make-up by Zing was so artistic; it reminded me of mime artists or Japanese opera at first! I felt like I just had to do a good job at the shoot to do it justice! My right half had crazy purple hair and left half was classic and beautiful. I was first to shoot, which I was happy about. I was all fresh from hair and make-up, I’m always raving to go as soon as I’m ready! I would have appreciated getting a proper look in the mirror though, as I was rushed straight onto set as soon as they were done. The creative team of photographer Sean Lee Davies, make-up by Zing, hair by Kim Robinson, and mentoring from Lisa was amazing! I loved it! It was definitely a challenge to receive direction from so many people at once – Kim wanted my head tilted up, Sean asked me […]

Day 25 – 8th Sept 2013 Makeover day! Yay! Best task ever…(and no Davide in sight!) I was definitely hoping not to get a super short hair cut or go blonde or anything drastic. I got a little nervous hearing Kim recommending that Ying go short in the next room…but when Kim ran through my look with me, I was so excited! I have always wanted to go warm mahogany brown, and my hair was definitely starting to feel heavy. I’d never considered lightening my brows before, but now they’re done, they soften my face more. Upon returning to the house, we discovered a delicious spread of champagne, cheese, wine and more! It was amazing to relax with the other girls, as the competition has been so full-on. De-stressing was definitely necessary. This evening I got to call home, and I spoke to my mum and my sister. It was lovely to see their faces and hear their voices, and tell them about some of what’s been going on. I was talking so fast! Talking to them made me remember how much of a special once-off experience this competition is. It was an amazing day.

Day 25 – 7th Sep 2013 Photoshoot day! And a very memorable one at that! It was a girl with the Dragon Tattoo themed lingerie Shoot. I was determined to do a lot better than the bikini photoshoot and also better than last week’s bottom 2 performance. I really liked my lingerie and temporary tattoo, and was getting into a nice relaxed state of mind all morning. Lingerie is one of the most challenging types of photoshoot, so it could have been very intimidating. But I listened to some music on my iPod and practiced poses in the mirror even though it felt super weird at first. It was really fun shooting with Ike and being mentored by Jennifer. They were so friendly and professional, it made me feel comfortable. I felt quite happy with my shoot! I can feel myself improving in this competition and that’s a wonderful feeling. Elimination Craziest elimination yet! Firstly, the judges liked me photo, yay!! I was so relieved that Ase said “I love it” because she always looks so intense before speaking and you have no idea what she will say! And I thought Dom’s interpretation of my look as “I’m sexy and […]

Day 24 – 6th Sep 2013 Today’s task was boxing – easy, right? WRONG. For me, anyway, it was the most challenging thing I’ve done so far. As a workout, it was hard, because as you may have noticed, I don’t have particularly impressively bulging biceps. We were also doing lots of cardio with interval running and continuous punching. I was really tired by the time it came to the real fights, and I was pretty apprehensive because a) I hate fighting in general, either physical or verbal; b) I have very little experience boxing or fighting people; c) I was forced to hit another girl (who I like), or be hit and; d) I didn’t even care about the prize! In theory, I had all the punches and moves in my head, but when I got into the ring I was just swinging punches all over the place. I could handle a couple of hits to my head, but when I started losing being hit continuously I panicked and went into shock! I wasn’t sad or anything, I was just crying because I was so overwhelmed and trapped and helpless, I combusted! Lilly didn’t really want to hit me […]

Day 23 – 5th Sep 2013 Today was our off day, and in the morning we filmed some Circuit25 workout videos with Davide. I ws with Yumi then Roe, and Davide really pushed us. It was a great all-body workout though, and I felt so energised afterwards. We spent the afternoon chilling out. It was so good! I read more of J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacany, watched American Horror Story with the girls and had a big Lebanese dinner. I don’t even like Pizza and Lebanese food that much, but it was so good to eat something different! The girls were so keen! I’m so glad to still be here after yesterday’s super close call being in bottom 2. I feel like relaxing today helped me get prepared for the next challenge and photoshoot. I would’ve really missed the girls if I was eliminated, especially Roe and Ying. I’ve really gotten to know them, it’s amazing how quickly you bond with people when you live together. Besides, today we got our personal groceries delivered – YAY!! Roe and I have coconut water, hummus, dark chocolate and more… So now I’m set to last a couple of weeks more in the […]

Day 22 – 4th Sept 2013 Elimination was the worst yet. To cut to the chase – I was in the bottom 2, with Ash. The judges gave me really mixed feedback. They seemed to generally like my photo, but felt that I wasn’t varied enough in my shots overall, and didn’t get enough good shots. I definitely didn’t expect to be in the bottom 2, because I really liked the shoot, it was fun. The shot they chose was taken in the last few minutes, so thank goodness we won the task…otherwise…I’d definitely be going home :s The thing is, I can tell when I’m in the zone and the magic is happening – that is, every element of your shots are combining in that way which makes them your best shots. I FELT the energy of the last few shots. Beforehand, I was trying too hard to please the judges, and I wasn’t shooting intuitively. I really need to remember this for next time, because I feel like there are only so many ‘second chances’ in this competition, especially as we progress to fewer and fewer girls. I’m really going to miss Ash, she’s great company, and makes […]

Day 21 – 3rd Sept 2013 What an awesome shoot we did today! I got to be androgynous and channel James Bond, as I let out my inner man. It was really challenging, in a good way. I guessed that the shoot might be androgynous when speculating about the pole dancing task. We were just being silly and saying that we could be doing something completely different from the obvious lingerie shoot! Then in hair and make-up, we were given boyish hair with sexy, strong make-up and I started to get really excited as I realised that I had guess right and it WAS an androgynous shoot! I went third, after Lilly & Ying, which I was happy about because I got to watch a couple of girls go first, but still shoot early enough before I got tired or intimidated. All the girls were wearing beautiful Ralph Lauren clothes and shoes, and the shoot made me feel like I was doing one of their campaigns! Shooting was so much fun! It was really challenging in a good way…adapting a more masculine body language and being professional while “seducing” the other model. It could have been very awkward or weird, […]